Intersting facts about Borra Caves

One of the interesting and important place of Araku valley is the Borra caves. With its enormous size and depth, Borra caves hold the honor of being biggest cave in India. This cave was first discovered by William King George in the year 1807, and the majority of the cave is made up of karstic limestone with the depth of 260fts making it the deepest caves in india.

There are many interesting legends about this cave like a story in which a cow fell into this cave accidently.  Which lead to the owner come looking for it where he found a lingam in the middle of the cave? So he believed that the lingam to be Lord Siva who saves the cows life. This story spread across villagers who built a small temple around this cave. And another legend is the stone formation of a cow above the lingam (Kamadhenu) is the source of the river which originates here. For visiting Borra Caves approach Chennai to Tirupati Car Rental for good tour package.