About Gandikota fort

Gandikota fort is a famous tourist attraction situated at the right bank of river Pennar in Kadapa district. The town of Gandikota is home to the powerful kamma dynasty who ruled this fort for 300 years.  But this fort was first built as a sand fort by the king kapa raga who was a subordinate to the western Chalukyas king of Kalyana. You can visit this for by renting a car at Chennai to Tirupati Car Rentals.

This fort has two temples dedicated to Madhava and Ranganatha within its premise. But they and other structures are in ruins without regular maintenance by the government. The interesting fact is that the large granary, with a vaulted roof, is used as watchman quarters. There is also an inscription indicating the two gardens gifted to the fort by the kings. Parebagh garden has waterfall which lands from the hill and mixes with the Pennar River.