Tourist Attractions in Amravati Museum

Today we are going to see what attracts Tourists to Amaravati Museum. This museum is located banks of river Krishna, the town of Amaravati was once the capital city of Satavahana kingdom. This is the time this place has transformed into famous Buddhist arts. So naturally, this museum is filled with the extraordinary Buddhist relics gathered from the 2000 years of settlement. The artic rafts from this museum often do belong to a 3rd century to 12th century AD.

The major collection in this museum includes terracotta pottery, exquisite sculptures, coins, beads, and Gummadidurru. The major attractions of this museum are a stone sculpture wheel from Liongarajapalli, Buddha images from Alluru are some of the things from the collections in the museum. Also, the sculpted limestone panel from Dharanikota is also an added advantage to this wonderful Amravati museum. To reach the Amaravati museum from Chennai the Chennai to Tirupati Car Rental is the best option.