Pavithrotsavam Festival at Tirupati

Pavithrotsavam festival is celebrated for three days by TTD annually in the month of August. This festival is celebrated on significant days such as Ekadasi, Dwadasi, and Trayodasi. This festival is celebrated for purification of taught and soul.

On these three days during Pavithrotsavam festival, Tirumanjanam and Homem are achieved for Lord Venkateswara, the main deity. On the day before of this festival, Ankurarpanam is performed.


This festival is significantly celebrated for asking Lord Venkateswara to forgive their knowing or unknowing acts.

First Day

Homam is done at Yagasala inside the temple. Homam is done followed by Snapana Thirumanjanam to the deities with Turmeric, Sandal, Milk, Honey, and with Curd. Taking part in this festival can effectively purify your bad sins and makes your life as successful one. Make your Pavithrotsavam trip as stressless one with Chennai to Tirupati Car Rental.

Second Day

After Snapana Thirumanjanam, a special puja is performed to Pavithralu. Pavithralu is a silk woven thread with unique feature and with colors such as Black, Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow. Before the Lord Venkateshwara taken to the procession, Pavitralu is tied around his head, neck, wrist etc., These silk threads are removed by having a high-quality cotton while doing puja.

Third Day 

A divine Homam is done along with Snapana Tirumanjanam, followed by services like Visesha Samarpana. The festival is concluded with Purnahuthi in the main temple. Participate in this festival and make your life more successful one.

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