Murudeshwar – The pilgrimity of Lord Shiva

We understand Murudeshwar temple by its beautiful Shiva Statue. The place is also a famous pilgrimage center for Hindus. What we should know is the story behind the creation of the temple. Here are some interesting thoughts that’ll make you amazed about Murudeshwar.

The breathtaking image of Shiva in Murudeshwar is a favorite one. This picture is said to be the second highest Shiva statue in the world after Kailashnath Mahadev Statue in Nepal.

The Alluring Raja Gopura: The Raja Gopura means the ‘King of Towers’, this temple tower in Murudeshwara exists up to its name. The Raja Gopura has 20 floors and people can also reach the top of the tower by lift.

Kanduka Hill: A Peninsula The Murudeshwar temple is situated in Kanduka hill which is encircled by the Arabian Sea on 3 sides. Thus, producing the great views of the sea.

Ravana and Atma-Linga: The legend says, Ravana had conquered Atma-Linga from Lord Shiva on a condition that he should not keep it on the ground before reaching Lanka. Devatas didn’t want Ravana to get divinity and grow powerful. So they devised a strategy.

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