Facts about Tirupati

Even though Tirupati temple is very famous, there are many unknown facts about it. Chennai to Tirupati Car Rentals offers tour packages for visiting Tirupati at an affordable price. Some of the interesting facts about Tirupati are,

  • Did you know that Tirupati is the second richest temple in the world? It earned 2,600 crores of revenue in the year 2017 itself.
  • The temple once had a Shivaling for Siva near Dwajasthambham. It was replaced to a place called Papanasham that is located few kilometers away from the temple.
  • Tirupati temple has gold and ornaments for about 52 tones which is donated by kings, ministers, and common people for about 1000 years.
  • The Tirumala temple is located at 853 meters from the sea level and it is about 27 km in area. The hill station compromises 7 hills and mountain ranges hence the name Elumalayan.
  • Tirupati is famous for its laddu which costs about 25RS. And about 1,75,000 Tirupati laddus are produced by the temple.