Divine features of Tumbhuru Teertham

There are quite a several Teertham existing in Tirumala which is in Tirupati. Among those holy sacred ones is Tumbhuru Teertham. Tumbhuru Teertham is one of the most familiar Teertham for all the pilgrims who visiting Tirumala. When the Sage defined the divinity of the pond to his disciples, the toad reclaimed her Gandharva form and hence this Teertham was called as Tumbhuru Teertham.

It is believed that a dip in this Teertham will clear all the sins and the evils of the Devotee. Also, they believe that the bath in this holy Teertham will confer the good luck and fortune for every pilgrim who visits there. If you are planning to go Tirumala then never miss going this holy Teertham. It is believed by the people that, what are all the information they heard about this holy Teertham is fully true. Once you go there you can feel the vibes of divinity all across that place. Its beauty cannot be defined, once have to go there and feel it.

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