Why visit Azhwar Theertham Before visiting Tirumala Tirupati

Sri Kapileswara Swamy Temple located at the foot of Tirumala Hills. This temple is also known as Azhwar Theertham considered as blessed one. It is only holy Theertham. Before visiting the Lord Venkateshwara pilgrim should visit this Azhwar Theertham. Taking a bath at Azhwar Theertham indicates that wash out of all the ill-qualities of the pilgrim. Pilgrim should visit Lord Venkateshwara with good qualities. This temple is also under the maintenance of TTD.


Having a holy dip at Azhwar Theetham is a special one and it purifies the pilgrims’ soul. After this, visiting Lord Shiva at Sri Kapileswara Swamy Temple effectively wash outs the bad qualities entirely. After this, the pilgrim can start their journey to Tirumala Tirupati from the foot of the hills Alipiri Mettu or Sri Vari Mettu. Visit these kinds of beautiful places in Tirupati by hiring a car from best Chennai to Tirupati Car Rentals.

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