Why do so many devotees flock to tirumala?

Tirupati is the place located in the downhill of the hill and Tirumala is the hills which host the Temple. No matter how many times you visit the temple intrigued by the crowds and their devotion to the lord Venkatachalapathi. Many people believe that the journey to Tirumala temple directs them to the lives purpose, shows reason to their life and shows them the way to better life.

The hill is the believed to be the part of Vishnu and every seven hills represent a head of Adhisesha. It is also one of the 108 Darma deshana.  The Vishnu in Tirumala is called as the lord of prosperity so people who are looking for economic condition visit Tirupati to get blessings from Lord Venkatachalapathi. By this, you can see why Tirumala temple attracts many devotees from all over the world. Chennai to Tirupati Car Rental offers tour package for Tirupati from Chennai at an affordable price.