The salient features of INS KURSURA Museum

INS KURSURA was the electric diesel submarine of the Indian Navy. She was the fifth Indian Submarine. It is always known as Smritika located near the Ramakrishna Beach in Vishakhapatnam. At certain time Kursura was a submarine built by Russian Navy, Later it was converted as Submarine Museum in 2001.

In the Asian continent, it is one of the best Submarine Museum, it attracts many tourists from various countries. It was converted as Museum by many trusted funds. Some of them are National Ship Design, Indian Premier Defense Lab, and Vishakhapatnam trust.

The submarine has three shafts, each propeller with the six blades. It was commissioned in 1969 by the Soviet Union. It was the fourth Submarine in India. The main motto of making the submarine to the museum was its original style. In 2007, Carol from U.S.A arrived at the museum and mentioned in their guestbook as “What a Wonderful Architecture”.

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