Interesting facts about Mettur Dam

The Mettur Dam is one largest dam in Tamil Nadu and one of the largest dams in India. This dam is built across the Cauvery River when it enters the plains. This dam has the height of 214 and width of 171 making it the biggest among the dams in Tamil Nadu. The construction of this dam is completed in the year 1934 and it took about 9 years to complete it. This dam receives inflow from the catchment areas like Kabini and Krishna Raja Sagara dams in Karnataka. One of the main attractions of this dam is Ellis Park located at the base of the dam. Mettur dam acts as the livelihood for people of Tamil Nadu by providing water for irrigation and drinking purpose.

Another important site of this dam is Mettur Hydro-Electrical Power Project. This hydropower station is responsible for a good chunk of electricity produced within the state. Chennai to Tirupati Car Rental provides car for rent to visit Mettur Dam.